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Seed Orders

We are a small regional seed company, dedicated to finding, growing and propagating seeds for plants that do really well in our East Coast climate, to help restore food security to our region.  Our seeds are sold by mail. Payment may be made by cheque or electronic transfer via emai.


TO ORDER SEED PACKETS please email us.   Here is a list of our current selections.  Seed packets are $4 each, plus

$1 for mailing ($5 each for to four packets of seeds.)  Payment can be made by email transfer to After transferring funds, send us an email with the list of what you ordered, exact password for transfer, and your mailing address.  We ship within five days.

Currently in stock:


Vantage Tomato Seed
Oriental Poppy Seed
Bell Pepper Seed Mix
French Sorrel Seed
Pumpkin Seed Mix
Walking Onion Bulbils
​(West Coast Kale SOLD OUT)
In Canada, for seeds, forward $5 per
packet by e-transfer and send
us an email with deposit password,
what seeds you have ordered
and your mailing address. For orders outside Canada, please email for shipping rates.

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